15 Sweet and Sexy Christmas Mods for Sims 4

Christmas is just booming around the corner and I wanted to share some nice goodies i just found around the internet for Sims 4.  Enjoy these, spread the Christmas cheer and have fun!

Keep in mind these mods don’t require the Sims 4 holiday pack, I wanted to make it so that everyone can enjoy 😀

Click the Images to Download


Christmas Makeup/Accessories

Time for some really cool Christmas makeup done by Jennisims. The set is compiled with Christmas tree glasses, reindeer horns and earrings plus Randolph’s red nose! Oh yes there is also a snow man hat- so cute!

Sweet Santa Dress

The sweet Christmas surprise for a very snowy and a cold night. The dress is made in satin and has two designs that would make Christmas day a romantic miracle full of cuddles and kisses.

Christmas Sweater Shirt

I personally loved the colours and the sayings of the shirts especially the OCD one. The shirts comes in grey, beige and dark grey and would look great on a sexy male sim *rawr*

Christmas Santa Pose

This pose set was quite a find! Simply dress your sim as a Santa and let your child have a nice photo with him using this pose set. The deco items are not included in the mod, but the author recommends using a chair called “Executive Wingback” to get the best effect possible.

Santa Baby Pose Set

Holy moly what did i find in tumblr today! In my opinion Christmas should also be very very sexy- check out the pose set done by Estanes called bad taste. Have a very smexy Christmas this year! The clothes and accessories are also linked in her website if you are interested 😉

Snow Wall Effect

This is currently one of the most popular Christmas cc for Sims 4 out there. The mod will give your walls and windows the snow effect. It’s really beautiful and has been downloaded over 3000 times im Mod the Sims 4.  You can find the walls under the paintings section for just one simoleon. Additionally the creator of this mod artrui has also made the Snow Floor effect which has the realistic snow boot prints and vehicle tracks. Worth checking them out!

Snow Wall Effect
Snow Floor Effect

Snowy Christmas Tree

Need a nice ass christmas tree with some sprinkled snow on it? Then check out Severinka_’s Christmas decorations! Her christmas trees are absolute perfect and realistic. Make sure to check in the deco/plants category when the mod is installed! And remember do a quick search and you can find really beautiful colourful Christmas trees with nice ornaments. This is just the one with snow m’kay?

Christmas Doggie Jumper!

I love this one. As we all know Sims 4 pets just came into view just a few days or months ago and what’s Christmas without having your dog not in the Christmas vibes? Check out Odey92’s Christmas jumper with 3 cool christmassy textures.

Snowy Terrains

Well Sims 4 Seasons is rumoured to be the next expansion pack. It will come but I want my backyard to be filled with snow. Introducing Pralinesims’s snow terrains with 5 different re-textures to choose!


First Snow Mod

However, if you want to make the whole world into a winter wonderland, your best bet would be Simcookie’s First Snow Mod which would redecorate your whole world beautifully with snow. This is a very famous mod and it required a lot of work by the creator- and the results are indeed really good.

Edible Cupcakes

If you search for X-mas food items online, you will definitely find a lot. But, most of the time they are only decos and aren’t edible. So that’s such a turn off for me so I did some searching and found some edible Christmas cherry cupcakes :3 This wonderful download is created by One Billion Pixels who has over 7 million views on her/his blog.

Beautiful Christmas Lights

I feel like the Christmas lights in the Holiday pack by EA are just so boring. So i found these really beautiful light set made by jomsims. It includes lighted garlands, candles, wreaths and the best thing is it has so many recolours! 

Scandinavian Themed Set

If you want to have a very Scandinavian Christmas Severinka_’s has created a nice set which includes some really sophisticated decorations which includes a fireplace, the tree, cushions, sofa,candles and all other beautiful things to make a sim’s christmas a total miracle of elegance.

Holiday Mansion – Estate Olmstead

I’m going to complete this list with something beautiful. The Olmstead holiday mansion is extravagant and has been downloaded at least 9000 times on Mod the Sims. According to it’s creator this mansion includes :

“5 bedrooms, 3 baths, large eat-in kitchen, formal dining area, family room, sitting area, music room, larger foyer, 5 porches/entrances, heated swimming pool, landscaping and is decked out for the holidays”

It is more suitable if you are having a large family sim gathering for Christmas and with the well fully furnished items within the home no wonder why the many downloads!



Heated pool

Well that’s it folks! I hope you and your sims would have a wonderful holiday this Christmas eve!


The Ultimate Sims 4 Crash Fix Guide

In this article I’m going to show you some tips and tricks that would solve the crashing problem in sims 4. First and foremost your game needs to be under the required gaming specifications. Anything below the minimum requirements your game would not be able to start or would crash at the loading screen.

Shown below are the minimum requirements needed for Sims 4 to run.

The Sims 4 Minimum Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.0 GHz Dual Core required if using integrated graphics)
CPU SPEED:PROCESSOR: PROCESSOR: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300 or Intel GMA X4500

If you do not know how to check the requirements properly click here to do an automatic safe detection to see if your game is compatible or not.

If you pass the test then you could try doing the below steps to see if your game can be fixed.

Causes of Sims 4 Crashing

  1.  Origin Client Server Errors
  2. Crashing Outdated Corrupted CC/Mods – Most Common
  3. Unnecessary Background Applications
  4. Memory Errors – Most Common
  5. Compatibility Issues and Patch Levels

Origin Errors/Server Errors 

Problems due to the Orgin game client would cause the game to eventually crash. Make sure you keep the software up to date so this won’t happen.  If you suspect that the game client is the cause of your game crash then a server issue could be suspected.

Another fix that could be done would be to relocate the Sims 4 Screenshots folder to another location or deleting some images from the folder itself.  Overloading this folder with images could keep the game crashing on startup or during the game.

The directory of the Sims 4 screenshots folder is shown below in the image

The Crashing Outdated CC/Mods

Custom content are one of the biggest causes that would make the Sims 4 crash. Incompatible outdated game mods would cause a conflict with the game patch level. For an example let’s say your game is patched to 1.33 but the game mod is patched to 1.33 BELOW then the game can crash.

Possessing a lot of mods in the mods folder would do the same thing. So make sure to remove the unnecessary ones , be particular about the game scripting mods as it could mess with the game settings.

It’s not that hard to detect which mod is making the crash occur sometimes it affects particular aspects in the game. For an example if the game constantly crashes while you are trying to woohoo two sims then it could be a woohoo mod that is causing the issue. So in this type of situations try to remove the conflicting mod or check the mod creator’s website for an update.

If you are seriously unable to detect the corrupted custom content that is affecting your game, there is a particular software that can detect conflicting mods called  Mod Conflicts Detector  that would automatically do the job for you.

A screen shot of this particular software is present below.

Screenshot of Mod Conflict Detector- Click to enlarge

The rows that are denoted in red would be the conflicting mods and should be either replaced or deleted.

Unnecessary Background Applications

Don’t let other unnecessary programs consume your virtual memory. Don’t run download managers, Skype and other memory extensive programs when running Sims 4 that would most likely cause a crash.

Simply press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your key board and select “Task Manager” and select  any unnecessary program and click “End Task” This would terminate the program.

Memory Errors

It is understandable that Sims 4 only uses 2 GB to run the game however it should be noted that when there are more expansions or if the save game file is increased this would need more memory than specified in the Sims 4 requirements.  This issue is clearly present when you have a very large lot along with a lot of residents.

A solution would be to evict the residents (which most people like me won’t prefer) or moving the sims to a smaller lot (which also sucks). The other solution would be to provide more RAM for the game.  You could buy a 16GB ram and insert into the PC but it might not still solve the problem, because the game is designed to ONLY use 2GB. Therefore, a method should be used so that the game could run using more than 2GB.

Increasing User VA is the most common solution that is done to handle this problem but should be attempted at your own risk. But it did solve the problem for me. However it did have many complications when i attempted in Sims 3 (read it here- Sims 3 Crashing to Desktop) but no issues were found in Sims 4.

Increasing user Va also helps battling Error Code 12 and other saving issues.  Due to the risks, the method would not be available here. Instead the article would introduce you to some mods that would help fix the crashing issue.

Mods that Fix Sims 4 Crashing to Desktop

The truth is there is not any mod to fix the crashing itself-  but use certain strategies related to such mods so you can either evict the house hold and maybe install the game again and start over. That usually solves the problem.

Compatibility Issues and Patch Levels

The Sims 4 could be played in any game OS regardless the game specifications. However, in some rare occasions an error would be shown that the game is not compatible.  The solution would be to right click the TS4. exe and go to properties and select program compatibility  and change it to another OS of your preference.

The patch levels should be checked and the game should be updated regularly to prevent crashing. Not updating the game would cause custom content conflicts where the CC would be updated to the higher level but your game is updated to the CC level.

In order to identify to which level you are currently patched in the game. You should go to the Sims 4 directory located in My Documents and select the game version file. Check the version it is updated to and simultaneously check the latest patch available on EA atm and download and install the latest patch.

The Finale and Useful Tips

Sims 4 is a great game but it’s developing and expanding and would have more errors like Sims 3 eventually.  Make sure to save regularly and keep the game updated to prevent your data from being lost. Always back up your save game files before attempting anything.

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming! 😀






Top 5 Sims 4 Game of Thrones Mods (Red Keep, Dragons, White Walkers and more!)

Use these amazing mods and convert your game into a Game of Thrones fantasy! Try making your sim sit on the Iron throne or dabble in a banquet in the red keep.

Click on Images to Download 🙂

The Iron Throne

The iron throne would cost about 1200 simoleons and you could order anyone while sitting on it! The author suggests that you should not place a lot of them around the house tho

The Red Keep

The red keep edition for Sims 4 is fully furnished with heavy red curtains , beds for medieval woohoo, marble glazed bath tubs and gold plated gates that totally adds to the medieval grandeur.

Outside view
Interior view


Dragon Mod

A beautiful statuette of a moonlight dragon for sims 4.

Daenerys Targaryen Mod

The sims 4 would not be complete without the noble khaleesi and this is the best mod I could find in terms of accurate resemblance.

White Walker Makeup

This is an absolute must have, if you are into GOT.  Mod credits goes to Luxurysims.


15+ Incredible Bad-boy Mods for Sims 4

The world of Sims 4 is never ending. With the birth and expansion of Sims 4, the ultimate universe of Sims 4 custom content developed and gifted us incredible mods we cannot believe. In this post let me present the most resourceful sims 4 downloads ranging from sims 4 woohoo mods to sims 4 pregnancy mods and all other content that makes your sims 4 experience amazing. This is kind of an 18+ post in certain cases so if you are sensitive to such content please turn away.

Enjoy the free Sims 4 cc that you can’t live without 🙂

Click the Images to Download 


 Smoking Mod

The sims 4 smoking mod is currently the most requested mod by simmers to spice up the gangster vibe inside the game but yet there isn’t a functional one. (Functional smoking mod available- check below!) The requirements for this mod to work will be two additional mods which is commonly used in the sims community The Pose Player and The Teleporter. Mod credits go to Lana CC

Update: There is a functional smoking mod now, which give addiction moodlets and makes your sim smoke cigars. Mod credits goes to necrodog for this awesome creation. 

Click picture to download

Functional Weed Mod

Ever wanted to be a drug dealer in Sims 4? Now here’s your simmie’s chance. This functional weed mod would let the player grow weed, harvest them, sell and buy weed and includes a clubber trait for smoking them. Remember getting addicted to weed is bad but still it does not hurt to make your simmie hit the pot a little while. The mod credits goes to Basemental.

Weed Farm
Weed in Jars

Gun Mod

Let me be honest, in Sims 3 there was a mod that let sims carry guns and actually shoot other sims but it is not present in Sims 4. So currently a gun could be held as an accessory which could really add some flavor to your cow boy movie themes. This of course excludes the the Sims 4 DLC  Get to Work guns.The mod credits goes to StudioKCreation.

Drunk Mod

The sims 4 drunk mod is finally here. Let all the parties start and never end. The mod would have the ability to enhance the over medicated moodlet making your sim woozy and dazed from having shots at the bar. Experience your sim behaving weirdly, rolling their eyes and walking not straight! Hypothetically speaking the dazed mood would of course go away from having a nap. The credits go to Candyd. You need the Get to work expansion for this mod to work.

drunk and juggling XD
yep woozy…

Birth Control Mod

Having sex in Sims 4 is can be unsafe if you are willing to get your story progression destroyed by making a sim pregnant (or if the sim become pregnant accidentally). This is an addon (named MCC Woohoo Addon) for a very popular MC Command Control mod which makes your sim take a drug name Illudium Q-36 Birth control. Rumor has that this option appears for sims who are flirty and swingers. Remember tohave the MC Commander mod first. And then the add on. Happy Swinging!

Full Body Tattoo

Nothing is badass than a full body tattoo for your sims. The mod is made by LounaCutex and is really popular on tumblr.

Anti-Social Master Mind Trait

Being a bad boy in Sims 4 means being a bit aggressive and antisocial. And this could be achieved through this mod by Kialauna. The sims with this trait would survive the lack of social interactions and probably would commit crimes and has a keen eye for mischief and being the little devil.

TS4 Torture and Chaos Mod

We can’t live without magic and dabbling with the occult is type of a bad boy trait. Introducing the book of Chaos and Torture which issues commands and some of them are pretty unusual and bizzare. I’ve read the list and I find the most unusual ones are as follows:

  • Drowning a Sim in Pee
  • Kiss of Death
  • Kiss of Flames
  • Electrocuting
  • Throwing a Poisoned Drink

Make your sim a spawn of Satan today with this wonderful mod. Credits go to Dramatic-Gamer for creating this awesome mod.

Drowning in Pee
Kiss of flames

Hoodies that Rock

I’m going to make the grand finale by showing off some rock hoodies for your sims to promote the bad boy image. Hmm. there is a big variety so it’s better 😛

Continue reading 15+ Incredible Bad-boy Mods for Sims 4

20 Best Mods for Sims 4

See if these mods will pump your simming experience in Sims 4.

All mods belong to their owners, we take no credit for them. Most of them are from a site call Mod the Sims– where you can get sims 4 downloads for free.

Don’t you know a thing about installing custom content and mods– get the full guide here.

Lockable Doors

So hallelujah! the most awaited version of the Sims series came out undoubtedly without an option to lock doors. In this mod you finally have the option to lock your doors at night and not let the robbers take your toilet

! On the latest add-on version by Scumbumbo, you get to lock your bathrooms too! get this one here.

Move Objects On Cheat Mod

  This was a famous sims 3 cheat code which was sadly not in sims 4. Well, if you don’t know about it.. it means that you haven’t kept the toilet in the living room before.

Yep, the move objects on enables the player to move any object to any place. For more info please look at the link here. Remember this is a beta mod so it would have some issues but you can still get it here.

No Mosaic Mod

Yeah? I know that many of you have been waiting for this. I ain’t gonna talk much about this one since i’ll probably have to use dirty words lol. This mod can un censor breastfeeding, streaking, showering and using the toilet.The new edition of this mod has been adjusted for the March 29th patch of Sims 4. Get it

This mod can un censor breastfeeding, streaking, showering and using the toilet.The new edition of this mod has been adjusted for the March 29th patch of Sims 4. Get it here.

Get Everyone Pregnant Mod!

First of all this is definitely O.M.G and yes the image above is indeed real if you don’t believe me click the link here and see the mod for yourself.

For the first time ever, you can get gay and lesbian couples pregnant, elders, males, females, anyone can get pregnant except for babies/teens and toddlers(awwww).

This one includes a special feature called reverse pregnancy where I am not going to tell you anything- it’s a special surprise for you 😉 Find this amazing mod here.

The Night Bar mod



Hey it ain’t no night at the bar if you don’t have enough hot chicks right? In sims 3 i remember there weren’t even a single person at the Twinbrooks neighborhood gym to workout with. Well it’s fixed in Sims 4.With this mod you can get more people to chill at your favorite bar. Get the mod

Well it’s fixed in Sims 4.With this mod you can get more people to chill at your favorite bar. Get the mod


Soothe Your Baby Mod

Baby can be soo annoying sometimes, they cry and whine all the time and before you know it, they grow up with a bad moodlet and turn into a loner with some other ditzy bad trait.

Well wait no more, your baby raising dreams can be fulfilled with this mod. This mod shuts down the mood decay of the baby and it would make it less whiny and easier for the sim parents to handle. Get it here and stop the crying madness(just kidding we all love babies XD)

  12 Hour Working Days Mod

You wanted to get a raise at work and it’s this little bit of the job performance you need to get on to the next level just one more minute and you will get a raise but hey work time is over Nancy!

Time to get home! Nope, that would just make you pull out your hair in frustration. The 12 hour working mod will make your sims work 12 hours and you can even stay longer as you need. get the mod here.

Faster Eating and Drinking Mod


It’s great that EA introduced multitasking into the game, sure we had a lot of fun with it. But why the hell the sims eat sooo slow? staring at the wall all the time and doing whatever they do with their fingers- no sir, with this mod we can all make a stop to that. Join the force and make sims eat faster than usual, get the mod

Join the force and make sims eat faster than usual, get the mod here.

Less Stalker Mod

It’s getting kind odd seeing unknown people near your house all day- it feels that you need to call the cops immediately when you see one sneaking near your door! (irl too i mean :D) In this mod you can either increase the walkers or make them disappear forever. Find it

In this mod you can either increase the walkers or make them disappear forever. Find it here. 

Lottery for Sims Mod!

This personally a mod that i love. Don’t you feel guilty when you press motherlode all the time, and your sims get rich by superficial watcher(uh I meant you lol) means? I do- and now you can prevent it.

This mods enables your sims and teens to buy a lottery which costs about 50 simoleans and if you win it you can be a millionaire. Find this mod here.

Time Speed Changer

It totally sucks that a day in the sim world time is so fast that you can’t do anything. What this do is basically you could slow the time so you can get more activities done .

The time is set to 60ms per Sim Second, which is slightly 3 seconds per Sim minute, with the default maxis speed is 25. Make sure to read all the instructions in the modders page before downloading it here.

Buyable Ponds!

Hey why can’t we make ponds like in Sims 3? With this mod you can add the item ponds into the buy category and buy them. Time to boost up that fishing skill! Get the mod here.

Buyable Hidden Lot Entrances.

  “I am a dedicated simmer and I will do the manual way of finding the hidden lots!” was probably your thought. Not mine though I can’t search for these when I have a family about 5 adult sims to take care of and nobody have time for that! Get this awesome mod

Get this awesome mod here and you can have them entrances as decoration or for exploring.

Faster or Slower Skills!


This is useful. No need to spend hours and hours boosting up your sim skills, get this mod and make your sims do skills as four times as fast. Enabled for teens, young adults and elders. Get it

Colorful Iphone Skins!     Are you fed up with the same iphone skin for your simmies? Get 30 new skins courtesy by this amazing modder! Get them here or click the images above.

Sit On Them Stairs Mod!

With this mod your sims could use the stairs at your house as a cozy love seat!. get it here. Your sim will be able to do many of the interactions on the stairs as well. Personally a mod great for making poses and etc.

Realistic Aging Mod!

I think we all love to make our sims a bit natural, Yes I know that since it’s a game it’s okay to make your sims wait until they are 200 years old to die but we need some tweaks to make them reach heaven when they are 70. With this handy mod you can set the age span of your sims to any level of your choice. Get ’em

With this handy mod you can set the age span of your sims to any level of your choice. Get ’em here.

No Fade Trees or Streetlamps Mod.

One of the most disappointing features in Sims 4 is that you can’t go into a neighbor’s house within the same screen. You’ll need to go separately, hell in Sims 3 we can go almost anywhere!

Even though this is not similar to that it’s still pretty handy. With this mod installed, there will be no fading trees or street lamps when you zoom out. Get it here.

Blessed and Cursed Trait.

Well i always like my sim being lucky, and isn’t the lucky trait in Sims 3? Oh well with this mod turn the tables of your sim’s life by making him either lucky or cursed. Get the mod here.

Evict The Ghosts! Mod

well i got really sick of my neighbors wailing at night complaining about some boring ghost haunting the household. Eventually, your beautiful town will turn into a ghost town.

. With this amazing mod you can just evict those ghosts and banish them to uh whenever they have come from. Get it here.

Welcome to Sims4crashfixes!

group Halloween costumes for the sims XD

As promised to tackle new mods and other content for Sims 4, this site was made to make you aware of the new things sims 4 will give. sims 4 release date was announced on May 6th 2013 and was released on September 2nd 2014.

Please explore around and enjoy the site, we hope that it would help you to keep your simming fantasies true! 😀


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